Alaistair Cook

Alaistair Cook

Alaistar Cook is an england left-handed opening batsman and test cricket captain. He is one of the very few batsmen to score ove 7000 runs and one of very few batsmen to score a hundred on debut. He possesses the skills of being a defensive wall for the opposite team. He can also act like a hitter when the need arisies.

He has a stylish ability to play the pull short.

He captained England in the Under-19 World Cup early in 2004, scored his maiden first-class hundred later that year, and added a double-century for Essex against the Australian tourists in 2005. The following spring he was called up by the full England side when injuries struck in India. He had been in the Caribbean with the A team when the SOS came but, unfazed, stroked 60 and a magnificent century to complete a memorable debut in Nagpur. He remained consistent, seemingly at ease with the pressure, and was a shoo-in for the 2006-07 Ashes. Before that series even started Glenn McGrath paid him the honour of publicly announcing that he would be targeting Cook: it made for a tough baptism, but although he was hardly prolific (276 runs) he did manage a century in Perth.

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