England Batting Scorecard

An example of bating order

The Batting order is the sequence in which the batsmen score runs for their team.

It is divided into:

  • Opening Batsmen
  • Top Order
  • Middle Order
  • Lower Order

Opening Batsman Edit

In the squad, there are two opening batsmen who face the opening Bowlers and start scoring runs. These are known as number 1 and number 2 batsmen respectively.

Top OrderEdit

The top order batsmen are the strongest batsmen for a team. They usually come under-pressure as the openers lose their wicket and put the pressure on the bowlers. They are number 3, 4 and number 5 respectively.

Middle OrderEdit

The Middle order batsmen are the members of the team who continue scoring runs for a team. They are number 6 and 7.

Tail endersEdit

Tail enders are usually the bowlers who are avoided in the squad.

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