Fast Bowling is one of the two main type of Bowling in Cricket in which a bowler comes from at least eight of his steps and then throws ball by rotating his arm without bending it.  There are many rles defined for fast bowling like the bowler should not bowl it without any Bowling Action.

Types of Fast BowlingEdit

There are two types of fast bowling defined in cricket.

Seam BowlingEdit

In this type of fast bowling, the bowler pays more attention in swinging and turining the bowl rather than speed. Some noteable seam bowlers are Glenn Mcgrath, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis.

Another type of seam bowling is the bowling in which it is difficult for batsman to identify that in which direction the ball will swing. This type of fast bowling is knows an Reverse Swing

Pace BowlingEdit

In pace bowling, the bowlers tries to bowl fast which results in having pressure on the batsman. Noteable pacers are Shoaib Akhter and Brett Lee.